6G Gabion stone supplied to Hertfordshire

Glebe Aggregates delivered 600 tonnes of limestone 6G Gabion as quickly as possible, and at an unbeatable price, for our property development client in Hertfordshire.

Did you know that the earliest reported uses of gabion walls are from the Ancient Egyptian period, 7,000 years ago? Made with wicker cages instead of galvanised wire, the Egyptians used them to reinforce and protect the banks of the River Nile.

We’ve been using various forms of gabion walls ever since, and unless you’ve been living under a rock (excuse the pun), you’ll know that gabion walls are still as popular as ever in landscaping and construction.

Predominantly used in road construction and flood prevention projects, gabion walls are highly effective at reducing soil erosion and improving draining. They are used in a wide range of applications, including river control, canal refurbishment, lake features and retaining walls.

They can be put together with very little energy and effort, so there’s no need to worry about building carefully balanced stone walls topped with fancy bullnose-edged coping stones. Gabion walls are flexible and can move with the ground underneath, so you don’t get the cracking that you might typically get from a concrete wall.

It’s no wonder that local councils and large corporations continue to choose these strong and sturdy stone walls again and again for their landscape and construction projects. Read on to discover more about this impressive Sawbridge project and how we helped our property development client…

Glebe Aggregates Deliver 600 tonnes for a project in Sawbridgebridgeworth

We were recently asked to supply a large order of gabion fill stones for a housing development project in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. Needing to form a retained area of an attenuation tank, the client planned to construct an exceptionally large gabion wall – which would also aesthetically suit the style of the scheme.

They needed something that would be economic due to the size of the project, that would require little to no maintenance, and be long-lasting. This was no simple order with a quote for over 600 tonnes, and the client was initially concerned about long delivery times delaying their construction project.

After receiving the order, we reassured the client that there was no need to add extra time to their project to accommodate the gabion stones delivery. Our highly experienced team got to work, using their expertise and knowledge of the industry to source the right quantities of 6G Oolitic limestone graded 100-200m gabion stone.

With their naturally angular shape, these hard and attractive stones lock together nicely within the wire cages to create sturdy, non-moving wall units. We delivered the order as quickly as possible, and at a great price, within the client’s timescales via artic lorries from our trusted partners. 

Gabion Walling use in both commercial and private projects

Partly due to the aesthetically pleasing combination of metal and natural stone, there’s also an ongoing demand for gabion-filled mesh cages among private homeowners and garden designers alike. Previously relegated to your grandmother’s corner rockery display, gabion stones are getting to have their moment in the sun once more, showcased in all their rustic glory and stacked up high in mesh cages for all to see.

Combined with a carefully curated planting design and an excellent outdoor lighting scheme, gabion cages make exceptional additions to any garden landscape. They can be used as bold planters, acoustic dividers, and even contemporary seating arrangements – the sky is the limit!

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