Different types of aggregates: self-binding gravel

There’s something truly comforting about a footpath material that is both low-maintenance and safe for use in high traffic areas. If you’re looking for an aggregate that will transform your landscape and provide you with a firm, level surface, self-binding gravel is the ideal material. In this article, we explore this highly effective product in more detail and assess the differences between different gravel options.

Whether you’re looking for a natural-looking aggregate that won’t spread across your lawn, or a trustworthy product that will guarantee a level surface to walk over, self-binding gravel possesses all the right qualities. Thanks to its ability to compact into a semi-firm surface, it’s a favourite for foot and cycle paths that are likely to have a lot of traffic.

Self-binding gravel provides a smooth, level finish that is safe for the public to walk or ride over when laid correctly. Wheelchairs, push-chairs, wheelbarrows, golf carts and scooters can smoothly roll over this versatile aggregate with ease. 

This could well be the reason why self-binding gravel is so popular with golf courses, stately homes, national parks, and cycle routes.

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How does self-binding gravel work?

Self-binding gravel consists of different grades of fines, dust, and coarse gravel. When laid correctly and compacted together, the dust and fines fill into the gaps around the larger pieces of stone, allowing for much less movement between the gravel.

The resulting surface has a semi-rigid finish that cannot be dented by wheel tracks or heavy pedestrian traffic.

Compared to other options, self-binding gravel requires minimal time, effort and skill to lay, no matter the condition of the surrounding landscape. Unlike other materials such as paving or resin, you don’t need any specialist tools or equipment to lay it correctly, and you can apply it at any time of the year in any weather condition. 
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We keep a large stock of this material at our yard in Grantham (just minutes from the A1). Delivery can be made within two working days to anywhere in the UK and Ireland, either loose in tipper or artic lorries or bulk bags. We also offer a 24-hour premium service subject to availability. 

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